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Musings on movement, nature that nurtures, creativity, cultivating connection and living life fully...

"...The path of heading out further, far beyond what we believe is possible is not a fearless one at all. Sometimes it’s full of those tingles of terror, served up with double helping of doubt. Yet to move past being afraid and into action brings some of the most life affirming and life expanding experiences I know. Risk brings real rewards...."

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"....Life is short, we don’t get to chose when, why or how we die. We do get to choose when, why and how we live.

Wake up beloveds: be in this moment with all its momentum, be here with the heart, be with those you love. Choose what you cultivate carefully. Dive in fully, delight in it, live it well , love it large, let go of what doesn’t serve us, seek out what sustains us.... "

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".... why not skip the i-need it now electronic emoti-conned; shop for more sh*t on the high street; shoving all that innate intelligence way down under... Instead how about we hold it all in heart; here- we can find a good way through together... face it. find out what actually means something... For me the dance floor remains this space for grace to come through. A crucible for community and coming to greater consciousness.....

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"....quit resolving to be better, to be more, to be different.

if you must resolve- then resolve to relish more & to cherish more.

Resolve to sink into the sweetness and return to the breath, to soak it all up.

Resolve to be the you that you are, nothing to do, nowhere to get to... let go a little. let yourself be: bright and brilliant and broken and brave -and oh so beautiful in all of your perfect imperfectness..."

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..There are definitely those life choices that we can’t learn by googling, 0r by seeking knowledge via sages, self help books or sensible advice;

or by forcibly sitting down with a long list: pro-ing and conning ourselves into a sense of false security....

There are those things that we have to find our own way to...

Letting ourselves be lost often leads us to some pretty sweet spots.... "

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'Love. I’ve been thinking about it of late, what it is and what it isn’t.... For me the opposite of love is not fear - as we often first think. For me the opposite is of love is judgement- the meddling mind and idiotic ego.

.....How do we find the balance between acceptance and allowing just what is, however that looks- and asking folks to be the best that they can be? ...we need each other, caring community counts for a good deal..."

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"To find faith in failure. It’s a funny concept. To dream, dare, dive in, dive bomb down, sink, sob, shake it off, start all over...

Bless our deluded minds thinking that reality should do what we want! Perpetual growth is a lie. Economically. Energetically. Emotionally- all things must rise and fall. Failure takes us to straight the heart. To the here and now. To the rain that is falling today. to feel the feelings.

It is a holy thing. A humbling thing. A thing that we get to hold each other in. A getting-present- to-our shared-human-ness/mess inducing thing; (and lord knows this planet could do with more humanity...)"

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"....That notion of fire within the belly. Our own personal passion and potency. How to find that place of our own personal staccato clarity- the “I want” or “I really don’t want”. Inhabiting and embodying our potency, taking up the space, clearly claiming our cause.... Yet how to hold our fierce focus without being over willful? To live the clarity of “this is what I want from life” is powerful and permission giving- to ourselves and others. Yet occasionally also to ask that question: “what does life want from me" ....

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"....Movement is like life, we get to keep on practicing it! We are fluid; we learn both to follow our feet as we find our own way forwards- and- to let ourselves be led by life.... Making our lives meaningful sustainably increases satisfaction. We take time to dive into the deeper currents of life through the dance... We let in what is lovely in life- and let it fill and feed us...."

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"....This legendary “just let it go” thing is particularly paradoxical! How many of us attempt to master letting go, to read books on it, practice it, perfect it and polish our skills at it in an attempt to speed up the painstaking “just let go” process?!

Yet like it or not, letting go happens in its own unique time.

Eventually reality will royally rock us and force us to roll with it!

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