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 Some values that are an important part of Wild Moves:

1. Movement: Our primary practice is movement meditation: our physical form is our place of presence and awareness as we move on through. Movement is life, we get to keep practicing it! we are fluid; we learn both to follow our feet and find our own way  forwards- and- let ourselves be led by life! We notice shifts and changes and learn to skilfully negotiate them.

2. Community: we come together as a temporary community or tribe, united by being in the beat! We are human, we need each other. We show up, see each other, support each other and stand by each other – through both the good/gracious and gunky/gritty times!

3. Creativity: Self expression sustains us. Making art from our lives is important! We can cultivate change, dream and do! There are a million modalities – we find our own wonderful/weird/wise way. We put aside notions of perfection and practice beginnings, boldness and co-creation.

4.  Meaning: Making our lives meaningful sustainably increases satisfaction! We take time to dive into the deeper currents of life through the dance. We let ourselves feel the feels. We let intuition whisper to us and honour our body’s knowing. We stay with the big questions- and are curious as to what answers arise when we drop the meddling mind.

5. Beauty and Celebration: There is much to behold in life that is beautiful– it’s all part of this planet. Life is full of wonder, we look for the good as we dance.   We let in what is lovely in life- and let it fill and feed us. We are not pulled in by body fascism or by pop-cultural standards that may not serve us and the world we live in.  We dare to let ourselves live and love a little more.

6. Integrity: We bring our whole selves here to the dance- however we are feeling and let ourselves stand in whom we really are. Allowing authenticity lets us show up as our best selves –whatever that may look like today!  We keep our word, honour our commitments and are clear in our negotiations.  We are compassionate when we or others fail to fulfil!

7. Being: we are more than our to-do list and our trying to be different/better/more…

We value stillness, silence and letting ourselves and others be.  We love life - just as it is and- just as it isn’t! We accept and allow.

We rest, reflect and restore.

We make space to relish and cherish life...

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