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Of knowledge and knowing and wildness and woods and wonder:

I’m thinking about knowing as a thing that shows up from somewhere deep within us,

The thing that gives us good guidance

and tenderly takes us towards those next steps to finding fulfilment.

There are definitely those life choices that we can’t learn by googling them like a good girl,

Or by seeking knowledge via sages, self help books or sensible advice;

or by forcibly sitting down with a long list: pro-ing and conning ourselves into a sense of false security.

All of these will likely leave us with the mind having a made a decision that somehow we can’t feel from our core,

one that likely leaves us feeling fluttered and fearful.

Control and careful cerebral consideration is often not all it’s cracked up to be!

There are those things that we have to find our own way to.

Letting ourselves be lost often leads us to some pretty sweet spots.

Surrender the decision to some higher power outside of ourselves, be ready to receive, then going away and doing something else that makes us feel good.

Forget it rather than fretting on it.

This knowing thing takes time, takes space;

takes us setting down the mind and settling into the uncomfortable unknown,

trusting  that we don’t have to force it or figure it out.

Inner-sense will show up when the time is right.

This is the sort of intuition that gets whispered to us on the wind.

Nature helps, dancing, doing something you delight in, being in a body (whether that’s your own, or being in a big body of water- or ideally both…) Being somewhere still where we can be soft, relaxed, ready to receive and where time is on our side.

It may take longer than we would like; but we can trust that we will be led, given good guidance; pushed, promoted or prodded when the times comes.

Clear guidance feels good; strong, still, sometimes epic and often strangely simple.

There’s a potent peace in knowing things in this way; compared with the mutters of the poor muddled, meddling mind.

Our intuition is immensely intelligent.

Ideally we will learn to listen, to heed to what we hear;

and then to be brave enough to follow that good guidance going forwards:

In-spired, shining

Wild and wonder-filled

Following our inner-sense

In service of the greater good….

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