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We are here dear ones. We will die. We do not know when. We do not know how. This unsettling uncertainty is certain. This will happen in some strange hour.

No need for any drama over this dharma.

Death is not a cause to spin out.

It’s cause to step in. To help, to lend a hand, to open our hearts, to let life move through.

It is a call to be profoundly practical. To be pragmatic with our lives. To parent ourselves and the wider world.

Giving way to a grief that bringing us to a personal ground zero? – goodness yes, certainly sometimes it shows up that way.

Grovelling with helpless and hopelessness over this fact- hmmm maybe not.

When nasty news we wern’t expecting hits (and it will happen...) where do we retreat to for refuge? What practices in being prepared and present do we have?

Our mind patterns build momentum, the way our body moves too. What do we drop into when all else drops away? We will be used up by the habits we have settled into. What sustains us? Gives solace? Holds us in our centre? How do we settle into uncertanity? Do we want TV, drugs and drama to be our refuge? Or do we cant to cultivate a practice that let’s us process and be present in life’s persistent potency?

How about we find fellowship in fine friends, share our struggles and successes, be humble together in our humanness, the perfection of imperfections....

Life is short, we don’t get to chose when, why or how we die. We do get to choose when, why and how we live.

Wake up beloveds. Believe in you. Be present to how beloved those around you are. Be in this moment with all its momentum. Be with what is.

So Carpe diem darlings, choose what you cultivate carefully. Dear delicious ones, dive in fully, delight in it, live it well , love it large, let go of what doesn’t serve us, seek out what sustains us.... let us live it and love well. may we all be the bright eyed, hopeful hearted, honest and human version of these flesh covered skeleton selves that we can be xxx

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