top of page need to improve, to resolve to be more of this or less of that.   no need to resolve to work on it, work it through or to work it out.

quit resolving to be better, to be more, to be different.

If you must resolve- then resolve to relish more and to cherish more.

Resolve to sink into the sweetness and return to the breath, to soak it all up.

Resolve to  be the you that you are, nothing to do, nowhere to get to.

to be bright and brilliant and broken and brave and oh so beautiful in all of your perfect imperfectness.

resolve to  inhabit your experience. embody it, enjoy each moment.

we are not here to check out- we are here to check in-

how are you now,  how deep are you breathing?   How’s your body, your heart,  your soul, how’s your neighbour?

drop down into your senses, into the sensate and sweetness of being right here, right now.

Be with the pleasure and sometimes pain of being present.

stay still,  feel it, face it,

forgive it, forgive you, forgive them, forgive life for being just as it is and just as it isnt.

forgiveness not as another thing to do- just as a choice to let flow through you-

yes  at some point this will  include having to forgive Obama, Osama and ya Mamma….

if you do surrender something this new year.  then surrender your whole being and your logical way of doing life to the strangeness and sumptuous  of spirit moving through you-

surrender into the divine sweetness of something greater than you, let yourself be  vessel for love.

if you do want to change something then pray to be changed, for great globules of grace to drip down on you.

Trust that you will wander into those much welcome shifts and sheddings whenever divine timing decrees it is right.

may this be year that goodness find you, the greatness finds you, that you are soaked in sweetness,  may this be  year that wild grace drips down on you, that great fortune finds you when you are least expecting.

may it be divine, holy, human, humble, happy, shared and full of some strange magic that makes it mighty memorable and oh so very mmmmmmmm.

Life is precious and potent and passes all too quick.

so open to it just as it is, and just as it isn’t , open to it and offer what you can from there.

so live life and love it and let it and you be

and relish and cherish the yumminess of being just the you that you are.

Copyright -  Tess Howell New Year 2011

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