Wildness and Wonder, Brighton UK September 21st and 22nd 2019.

Details to follow in early January 2019.

Details of past workshops can be found below:

Movement matters-a workshop for honouring times of change

Are you going through a time of change and growth in life?

Feeling big shifts abounding and wondering what happens next?

Come join us in Brighton on the 17/18th November for a weekend workshop supporting us to skilfully negotiate times of change. We will take time to be with what is shifting and changing shape in our lives.

We will we take time to honour what was;

Learn to be with what is-accepting and allowing it and into the heart;

Then boldly and bravely find our next steps forwards.

You are warmly invited to this weekend workshop on tending to ourselves in times of transition.

We will use 5 Rhythms dance and the arts to support us with what needs to be honoured-

mindfully marking our own moments of life transitions, amidst these times of change.

We will learn tools to be with what is- accepting and allowing it and into the heart.

Then we will boldly and bravely find our next steps forwards-

following our dancing feet towards greater freedom in our lives.

The 5Rhythms are a map to everywhere we want to go: inner, outer, forward, back, physical, emotional, intellectual-

they reconnect us to the wisdom of our bodies and unleash movements dynamic healing power.

Rhythm is a refuge.

Movement matters.

Conscious dance cultivates community.

Getting lost and getting found, together, in the dance.

Coming home - here to our heart.

We will dance & use the arts to find a good way forwards; finishing up the weekend with a fire on the seashore.

We will be based out of Yellowave's stunning seafront studio right on Brighton Beach.

All age 18-108 are welcome!

£75 full price/ £55 concesssions until the 4th November then £85/65 concessions.

If money is a barrier to you being there please contact us and we will do what we can to make it possible

Cancellation policy: full refundable available less a £10 admin fee up to 2 week before the event start.

No refunds within 2 weeks of event start date.

Prerequisites: 10 hours of dancing a mindful movement practice.

This workshop counts as waves hours for the 5 Rhythms teacher training.

Saturday 17th November 12.30-5.00pm

Sunday 18th November 10.30am-4.30pm

The weekend is led by Tess Howell - 5 Rhythms teacher, coach & artist.

We will work deeply and tend to ourselves carefully- that said one weekend cannot be a substitute for long term professional therapy for a severe major life event (if needed); please ensure you have adequate support stuctures in place to support you in diving deep.

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When we get clear on our choices, then our lives do change, things do get better. When we can develop our ability to listen to our internal somatic signals we have an invaluable source of awareness in making healthy decisions and making wise moves. Dance is an ideal modality for working in this way. The dance floor is place where we can discover what really does matter to us as we move through life. The dance is a container that can constructively challenge us to move in the direction of what matters most. It teaches us to learn to live our lives deeply centred in our own core. The dance also allows a space to “freak freely” in substance free environment, offering safe ways to “shake it off” and question the status quo (and let’s face it -it feels mighty good to have our ego beaten into submission by a badass bassline too!) The 5 Rhythms lets us move at our own rate and temp, to honour the needs of our own body whilst still being part of a moving whole. We create a tribe of mindful movers; ready and willing to witness each other, to see and celebrate what is so for each individual. There is a unity to be found in bodies moving in unison in the beat that meets that human need for connection, collaboration, co creation. In two weeks we will gather for “Movement Matters- a weekend workshop honouring times of change.” We will create meaning by putting markers in our own journey. We will cultivate our own response-ability by moving in the direction of our dreams. We will work out of a stunning studio right on Brighton’s seashore, dancing indoors and out and finishing up with a fire where the sea meets the land... taking meaningful moments to be with what is. Y’all warmly welcome. Early bird price closes today. Book via website in bio. #embodiment #5rhythms #movementmatters #wildmoves #dancingpath #danceinnature #movementismedicine #dancetribe #wildspirit #consciousdance #wildnature #movingmeditation #soulinmotion #personalgrowth #movement #retreat #wakeupanddance #livelifefully #madeofmagic #allowingauthenticity #authenticmovement #danceritual #firsesidedance #naturenurtures #movementismagic #movementmedicine #bodybasedwisdom #brighton

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Wild as the Wind

A woodland based 5Rhythms workshop for women.

Next date:

Saturday 28th July

11am to 5.00 pm. £35

It seems that sometimes as women we show up as soft summer breezes- gently caressing everything we touch; other days it feels like an irrational, irrepressible storm arises unforeseen from somewhere within us.....

Join us for this one day workshop involving morning and afternoon outdoor dance sessions, sharing circle and simple nature-based ceremony.

It seems that sometimes as women we show up as soft summer breezes- gently caressing everything we touch; other days it feels like an irrational, irrepressible storm arises unforeseen from somewhere within us. We will use the dance to learn to be with all the ways that life shows up- within us and around us. When we dance we can drop down out of our minds, landing back in to our bodies- giving ourselves the gift of our own attention: moving with the mystery- inside and outside us.

We will let nature nurture us, tending to our wild soul- recharging, refreshing, renewing ourselves with shared time outdoors.

We will practice accepting, allowing and appreciating ourselves- just as we are.

We will make space for those whispers of intuition that we may hear on the wind, coming back in to closeness with what is wild and wonder-filled within us.

Dance session will take place using silent disco headsets so that there is no noise pollution to the surrounding environment.

We will work near Stanmer Park which is easily accessible by both car and public transport from Brighton, Lewes and London.

Please bring lunch to share.

Spaces are limited so early booking is highly recommended.

Weather: This event takes place England - it may well rain! (though please hold the vision of sunshine...) If it is grey or drizzly then the event will go ahead and we will stay warm under the shelter of trees, wearing lots of layers and sharing hot drinks- and no refunds for bad weather will be given.

If full-on torrential rain/storms are forecast then we will cancel the event by 5pm on the day before with cancellation notification sent out via meetup. In the event of this advance cancellation due to bad weather then a full refund to anyone booked will be given.


By Jack Crimmins

a woman is restless in the evening wind

she has traveled far

nurtured, danced in cities,

held men, held women, been held by them,

lost and lost again

kept her own mind

her sadness and grief within

she knows the mysteries of hidden things

takes sustenance from the earth

again and again

she's pierced her heart early

and known the blood of time

and in her knowledge

there is an art

of living

a quiet truth

at evening she waits

and makes decisions

to dance or hide with the wind

to dance sometimes and gather strength

to hide sometimes and find freedom within

she knows the earth and trusts the wind