An inspiring city mini-retreat. We walk along the sea shore at the stunning Chrissy fields area on the North Shore of San- Francisco, overlooking the beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge.


We will practice gentle yoga at intervals along our walk, using our stretches to literally “come to our sense” in the stunning scenery around us –being nurtured by time in nature. No yoga mat is required as we will focus on standing poses, exploring how mindful movement can support our lives “off the mat”

( NB you do not have to be skinny or wear special yoga pants for this(!)- you are welcome exactly as you are! )


We will also practice some short periods of mindfulness meditation from the Insight Tradition.


Sometimes we will be in silence together-sometimes we will explore a coaching question – making space to explore how we can live lives filled with more of what matters most to us. Expect poetry, insight questions and inspiration!


Give yourself the gift of making the space to connect deeply- to yourself, to others and to the natural world around you.


NB this is much more of a mindful walk along the sea shore- slowing down to soak in the scenery, using gentle yoga stretches to come out of the thinking mind and down into the body- moving mindfully and practicing being present; than a super-strenuous hike!


You can book via Air B and B experiences or contact me to arrange a private group session.

Wild Wisdom Walks

a yoga and mindfulness mini-retreat afternoon

held on a beautiful San Francisco bay-side beach

Wild yoga walks - finding your way back to being free- range human.

There was a time long ago when we didn’t need to go to the gym, seek expertise classes and rebalance our screen time with sky time.

We lived and loved on the land - we’re stretched by the chop wood and carry water of daily living. (Lest you thing it too romantic we probably got in a good run fleeing from some wolf or mountain lion from time to time).


We will move away from using sticky mats from petrochemicals and instead practice where we stand. Coming into balance as we spend time out on the land.

We will value how our practice sustains us over the shapes that we make.

We will reach up and out -stretching our arms to the sky, making space in our sockets.

we will not seek to perfect our poses- but to inhabit them, enjoy them, embody them.

We will root down on the land so that we can rise up in our lives.

We will breathe deep as we walk so that can literally get inspired about being here embodied on the earth.

We will stretch out wide exploring how it feels to take up space in our lives.


Our aim is progress in our practice ,not perfection.,, To take what we learn in yoga into our lives.


It’s high time we had more sky time! more feeling our feet on the earth time -