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“Thanks so much for bringing WildMoves to the Bay Area! My Sweetie and I had a fabulous time!! Dancing out in nature has been my sanctuary but I’ve never done it with others with headsets. It was such an amazing experience” K –Mill Valley- May 2019


"Thank you so much for creating the opportunity for me to dance in the woods on Sunday.

It was such a blissful experience and a sense of deep peace has stayed with me." Sjanie -UK 2019


"That was sublimely lovely....thank you" P.T.- UK 2019


"Your sessions are amazing, your tenderness as full as your wildness. Dancing in the glade was a magic cauldron of life, death and rebirth." N.P. - UK- 2019


"It was wonderful. Thank you so much." UK Sophia 2019


"A beautiful afternoon of 5 Rhythms dancing in Spring woodland amonst blue bells,

it was gentle, delightful, magical and deep" Karin 2019


"Always amazing and just what I needed "- AB Brighton 2019


Thank you so much for your beautiful session in the woods. I adored dancing with nature, being barefoot, it was such a magical day and I am so grateful I got to experience it, Thank you"

Kerry 2018


“ Wonderful! Uplifting! Perfect music! Atmospheric setting!” Jan 2016


“It was really amazing. I loved the fire, the dancing, the beautiful company. Looking forward to more .... thank you” Participant 2014


“Thank you so much for a beautiful transformative journey, connecting with myself and a deeper connection with the world around me than I’ve ever allowed myself. I left feeling more grounded, calm, present, tender, slow and heart-opened.” Natasha 2019


"Thank you again for a lovely, inspiring, and heart-warming weekend workshop, dancing with you and the others in Brighton..." Sara 2018


“Tess is an embodiment of delight-enment.

Her graceful teaching style brings deep, nourishment for body & soul.

Her love of nature connects us to our selves and the web of life.

Tess is a true weaver of wonder on this 5Rhythms path.”

Neil Pinnock, 5Rhythms teacher


" It was amazing, thank you" Participant 2015


"Today: a 5 Rhythms dance session outdoors in the Sussex countryside - by a beautiful 300-year-old oak tree and a gently flowing river. Then, hot soup round the fire. Thank you Tess for facilitating such a wonderfully nourishing experience" Max 2017


“What a great day it beautiful to dance out in the elements ” Participant 2016


“I danced under the sheltered canopy of Beech trees this afternoon, my eyes scanning the forest floor and finding fragile bird skulls and majestic pheasant feathers, chalk, flint, moss, wet mulchy leaves and dark brown earth. Woodsmoke wove into the weft of my clothes. I felt a beautiful expansive connection with my fellow dancers, with the surrounding ancient landscape and my trusty senses. Thank you" Wendy 2014


“I loved it today! Such an amazing place to dance.. loved the music. thank you it was a very rich day :-)” Participant 2016


“It was brilliant- Thanks Tess and everyone” Participant 2017


“I danced and danced in a clearing on the South Downs with a group of dancers, facilitated by two amazing people who took us through not only the wave of the dance but also through the conscious processes of cleansing and letting go..... I just wanted to share how powerful the dance was for me, truly amazing- thank you for holding the space” Participant 2014


"The best 5 Rhythms I've ever done" Dermott 2019


" I had a beautiful first time thank you" Participant 2015


"Very short and sweet email just to say you popped into my thoughts and I wanted to say hello and let you know that things all began to fall into place for me after we worked with you on Rites of Passage…I ended up getting work helping to manage a community art space and had lots of scope setting up my own community and education programmes. It was quite beautiful how I had begun to draw all of this before it happened through Rites of Passage. I have just taken on my biggest role yet at XXXXXX(hidden for privacy) setting up a young peoples programme. I really think there was something very important about the space you created for us all .... Thanks so much for your generosity and vision, its so needed in the world and it makes stuff happen!!" -Laura 2019


“ I loved it, thank you xx ” Kate 2017


“ It was awesome!” Sam 2018


“The BEST place to dance! ” Terry 2016.

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