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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will I fit in?

We value and welcome diversity of racial and cultural identity and background, nationality, sexual and affectional orientation, gender identity and its expression, religious background and/or belief systems, marital status, family structure, age, mental and physical health and ability, political perspective, educational and class status.

We actively seek to create a diverse community of dancers.

It is important to us that these events are accessible to all.

If there are financial limitations to you joining us please contact us and we will do what we can to facilitate you being there.


Q. What happens in a session?

A. Each class will provide basic instruction in the 5Rhythms. There will be a warm-up period, an introduction and then a longer dance period. There may be a combination of individual, partnered, and group work. As a beginner you may feel self-conscious at first, but people are usually surprised at how quickly that passes. Some classes are more structured than others but all classes provide the opportunity to move and be moved by the dance.


Q. Do I need experience or some minimum level of fitness?

A. No dance experience is required. There are no steps to learn and nothing to get right. Some of our more remote events require up to twenty minutes walking to a site out in nature, so a basic level of fitness is useful- however you are always free to go at your own pace.

You’re welcome as you are.


Q- What are the headsets like?

A-please see the video below for a full introduction into the technology that we use.

Q. I have/had an injury. Can I still do 5Rhythms?

A. The 5Rhythms is a simple and flexible practice that can be experienced by anyone regardless of their physical limitations. Because there is no specific “routine” to follow you will be able to participate at your own pace, within your own capacity to move.


Q. What do I need to bring to a 5Rhythms class?

A. It is suggested that you dress comfortably in clothing that you don’t mind sweating in and allows you a full range of motion. You may want to bring a cover-up so you don’t get cold, and/or a small towel to dry off with. We dance bare-footed or in light-soled dance shoes; for outdoor sessions we tend to wear trainers or something else easy to move in. Bring a bottle of water and your curiosity. That’s all you need.


Q. What if I’m REALLY terrified?

A. First of all remember that right on the other side of that terror there’s excitement. Take to heart that the 5Rhythms practice has the room for you to move with however you’re feeling. There’s nothing to get right and you can’t get it wrong so there is nothing for you to “do” except move in whatever way feels right in the moment. You will not be the first person to be so terrified that you just barely made it over the threshold of the door. We are going to encourage you to move to your full potential and we will also give you the space to move into your potential from wherever you are.


Q. Can I bring my children?

A. These events are open to those aged 17 years old and above. There are several other teachers who specifically offer family waves where you can dance with your children. Please see for info.


Q. How can I find out more?

A. Check out the following books by Gabrielle Roth, founder of the 5 Rhythms Practice.

Maps To Ecstasy (New World Library, 1989)

Sweat Your Prayers (Tarcher/Putnam, 1997)

Connections (Tarcher/Penguin, 2004)

Gabrielle by Robert Ansell (Raven Recording Inc 2015)


For more information about the 5Rhythms teachings, books, music and worldwide teachers go to

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