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A 5 part deep-dive journey into the developing your own dance in nature practice, wherever in the world you are. Nature will so nurture us and dancing outdoors is such a great way to find our way back to joy amidst these tense times. Find your feet on the earth, feeling some sense of freedom again; connecting with the wonderful world around us.


Created in spring of 2020 as the world shut down, these five pre-mixed musical journey support you in setting up your own outdoor dance practice. Each session will contain a mixed musical journey and some intermittent spoken guidance to get you rockin’ it out and dancing deep under those wide open skies. We will work with a specific theme each time to support us in coming into deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us. We will consciously cultivate presence and a sense of our own power especially amidst all of that we can’t control; we will learn tools to resource ourselves and build resilience; (whatever our external circumstances look like right now…)-.


These pre-recorded sessions are led by Wild Moves Dance in Nature founder and 5Rhythms dance facilitator Tess Howell who skilfully uses the dance to guide us back towards what matters most in life. Tess has spent the past 10 years specialising in leading group dance sessions outdoors via silent disco technology in some stunningly beautiful forest/ocean spots. Consider yourself warmly welcomed to join us.

In this 5 part series:

  • We will move and groove outdoors each session to a pre-recorded guided musical journey streamed online as a single audio file from a web page, via your phone and your own earphones/headset. (Each session is approx. 1 hour long)

  • We will use the dance as a moving mindfulness practice. Every session we will dance a facilitated 5Rhythms wave to support us into coming into contact with ourselves and funding fuller self-expression. We will dance to wide variety of styles and tempos. We will find refuge in rhythm!

  • We will become more embodied- dropping down from our busy minds and in to the wisdom of the body. We will find our own dance, there are no steps to follow, no moves to do and nothing to get right. Just following whatever moves our body wants to make in response to the music and the world around us .

  • We will come into deeper connection with the living landscape around us which can be a valuable source of sustenance in these times of social isolation. We will dance both in and with the landscape around us. We will take time to be nurtured by nature.

  • We will dance whenever best suits us each week- at whatever time suits us-no more prescriptive zoom scheduling! We will get off our screens and out into the world around us.

  • You can share your explorations and connect with other moving in this way if you feel too, via the Dancing Under Wide Open Skies Facebook group.



Upon signing up the PDF and audio links will be mailed out to you within 24 hours of booking. Please note this is a manual email process to send it to you so please give us a few hours  (remembering time zones) for this to happen. Happy to have you joining us. Be warmly welcomed.

If you have any trouble booking via paypal then please send me an message via the contact form at the bottom of the page and we will make sure that you can still join us.



“I just danced through your home practice playlist while I envisioned my new business's vision, mission, purpose and feel. It was wondrous! Dancing, writing, drawing, back to dancing, writing... aha's, deep connections and wisdom, so wonderful and so thank you.”


Online Course Participant 2020


"I just wanted to share how powerful the session was for me, truly amazing- thank you for holding the space”


Online Participant

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