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2022 Marin/San Francisco Bay Area fall series:


Saturday September 17th 4pm-5.30pm China Camp, San Rafael

Saturday October 8th, 5pm- 6.30pm, China Camp, San Rafael

Saturday November 12th 3pm- 4.30pm, China Camp, San Rafael

Saturday December 3pm-4.30pm 17th, China Camp, San Rafael

All at a stunning Bay-side site at China Camp, San Rafael, California.

Santa Cruz 2022/2023 Oceanside Dance Dates: 

Full Moon Moves: Sunday 9th October 530-700pm,

Sunset Session: Sunday December 4th 330-500pm,

New Year Dreaming: Sunday January 1st 2023 330-5pm,

Sunset Session: Sunday February 5th 430-6pm,

Sunset Session: Sunday March 5th  430-6pm


2022 Brighton Dates

Friday May 13th

Sunday July 3rd  

Both at Yellowave on Brighton Beach 

2023 Dates TBC

“Dance is the fastest, most direct route to the truth…..

We dance to hook up to the true genius lurking behind all the bullshit,

to seek refuge in our originality and our power to reinvent ourselves;

to shed the past, forget the future and fall into the moment feet first…

We dance to survive, and the beat offers a yellow brick road to make it through the chaos that is the tempo of our times…”

Gabrielle Roth- Founder of the 5 Rhythms

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