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You are warmly welcomed to join us for "Brokenness, Beauty and Brave Steps"


A three session series of 5 Rhythms dance, art making and personal practice to mindfully mark this tempestuous time.


2020/21 - what a moment…. Covid - loss of jobs, loss of physical connection, freedom of movement and our ability to be in person with others; urgent and important world wide protests for racial equality; lousy leadership, climate change and much more. And yet too there remains sunrises, birdsong, babies being born, flowers, dance, poems that touch us, faithful furry friends, and an upswell in human kindness…. For so many there is a sense of this being an immense time of transition…

This is a three part programme to support you in mindfully marking whatever those moments mean to you. To honour what is lost, what was gained and how we want to show and serve- in whatever strange new world we are moving towards…


We will make space to hear our tender hearts- in all of thier heart-fullness and heart-brokenness;

then resource and find resilience in the beauty of the natural world, finding solace in savouring the small things;

and then we will go forth to take brave and bold action towards what we and the world need right now…

I can’t tell you needs to be done to honour this strange and strong time for you -but I can support you in finding your own way to put meaningful markers in your journey. Maybe we can't gather together and stand shoulder to shoulder or reach out and touch in our dance step way that we once did right now, but we can still mark what matters to us. Maybe the moment you want to mark is personal, maybe its societal...

Everything is not what it was.

I’m not yet what it will be either. we are in our a pause place of complete chaos. it seems that looking to leadership is not much good in these times for many of us. we will explore what we need to do to mindfully mark these moments of intense change for ourselves in our own way


We will use Dance and Art to explore and honour what needs to be honoured.

Dance to let these moments move through so that they don’t get stick in our system.

We will make art out of suffering, speak what needs to be spoken.

Becoming fully embodied on the earth, awake, aware and present to the preciousness of it all and our own potenyc to impact change.


Each session will entail:


- an hour long gently verbally guided pre-recorded 5Rhythms dance session streamed via your mobile (dance outdoors ideally or inside if needs be) supporting us in self expression and embodiment.

- a heart felt written provocation of prose and poetry on the themes- inspiration for diving deeply into self exploration.

- an invitation to make some simple art (no experience or materials needed- simple land art using stones/leaves etc and pen and blank paper ) - taking the time to honour and mindfully mark these intense moments.


You need to set aside 2 0r 3 hours per week for your own work on the programme. Price is $30. Email via the conatct us form below for a pay pal link to be sent the files.


Material is pre recorded so can be take whenever best suits each week.


You tender heart is warmly welcomed here.

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