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Change is a constant. Whether that change is due to life choices that are chosen by us, or change that is imposed upon us from external unforeseen shifts ( and the two will likely feel very different); either way it is fair to say that change will keep on coming.


That’s a good thing- movement is life. Stasis can lead to stagnation. "Nothing happens unless something is moved" Albert Einstein


And yet change can also be discombobulating. We must learn skilful ways to learn to be with all that shape-shifts in our lives. To re-source ourselves as we find new directions to forge forwards in. We need to grieve for what we had, may feel lost for a while whilst we figure out new ways and then have to set new things in motion.

There is much to be mastered in these times of transition.


How can we learn to roll with what rocks us?

Lasting change comes from whom we are being, not just what we are doing. The way that we move through the world matters- how can we support ourselves to keep moving towards what matters most?

In this work-book we will make time to cultivate our own embodied awareness to support us in these times of shifts and changes, plus work written reflections to honour our journey through these times of transitions as we come to skilfully navigate our way through.


Each chapter will have 3 areas of focus: an in-depth reading to reflect on; an embodiment exercise to support us in finding new ways of being; and a selection of tasks to do to affect change in our outer lives.


We will follow this three part chapter map as we find our way forwards:

Part 1: Honouring what was- harvesting our history (Shedding)


Part 2: Being with what is- the power of presence (Stilling)

Part 3: Finding our way forwards- dreaming and daring (Shaping)


The chapters will support you by tending to your inner experience as you move through these big outer shifts. It is so valuable to make some time to simply reflect, restore, re-think before we move forwards again. Space will serve us well in these times of transition.


This course is more of a poetic inspiration to inspire and support your soul than a specific of prescriptive “I can tell you exactly how to do your life” programme. I cant! Truth is no once can do that for you.


That said I do know that tending to your own self will serve greatly and that you have much wisdom within you waiting to be tapped into. I do know that there are tools and techniques that will both transform your inner experience and bring about change in the wider world. I do trust that by taking the steps listed here to listen in to your own good guidance, you will come out with much needed clarity on finding a good way through this time of transition.


E-download now as a 28 page PDF, just $4.99

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