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Wild Moves is led by Tess Howell - a 5 Rhythms teacher, artist, writer, creative coach and accomplished dance producer. She regularly leads these outdoors dance events where participants can be deeply nurtured by nature. Tess also runs a dance based rites of passage programme for contemporary city dwellers which explores how creativity, community and connection can make our lives more meaningful.

Tess is a Spirit Rock accredited Dharma & Yoga facilitator with 25 years of regular Insight Meditation practice. She is a Soma-Source trained Rites of Passage Guide and Operations Manager at the School of Lost Borders.  Tess is also a Buddhist Eco-Chaplain- using nature and mindfulness to work with people in times of tenderness, uncertainty and in their quest to live and love well. Tess loves supporting people to embodying their own experience, to tell the truth about how things really are and to move more mindfully (and heart-fully) through the world.

She relishes and cherishes space, sky, sea and stillness.

She finds refuge in dance, the dharma, bunnies, badass basslines and beautiful boots.

She divides her time between Brighton UK and Northern California.


Tess writes: I get great pleasure from being on this this dancing path. There is such beauty in being with the beat, the breath, in our body being in motion.... The majority of my teaching happens outdoors –for me there is something about deeply nurturing about moving in nature; allowing us to connect deeper to self, to others and to the wider world around us.


I warmly welcome you into the dance


You can read more about my values for the dance events I offer here: movement matters


Skills and experience:

  • Fully accredited 5 Rhythms dance facilitator with 17 years experience in the practice.


  • 14 years experience at facilitating groups specialising in utilising creativity for professional and personal growth.


  • Spirit Rock trained Dharma and Yoga Teacher - specialising in developing wisdom via body based awareness.


  • Highly experienced Dance Producer and for several successful & award winning international dance companies, including Lost Dog dance, Vincent Dance Theatre & Jasmin Vardimon Dance Company. Has run numerous sold-out events worldwide.


  • Business Consultant specialising in working with artists and not for profit arts /cultural organistations. Trained creativity coach with Eric Maisel.


  • Facilitator on Embodied Yoga Principles course and Assistant Trainer on Embodied Facilitators "train the trainer course" specialising in somatic based leadership development.


  • 24 years regular insight meditation practice, now leads guided in person and pre-recorded meditation sessions.


  • Post Graduate diploma in "Use of The Arts in Educational and Therapeutic Settings” from London Metropolitan University.


  • Internationally acclaimed artist, community arts practioner and project manager.


  • 2015 Fellow at the Royal Society for the Arts (FRSA), London.


  • Clore Foundation trained in arts leadership.

‘ I have found that dancing outdoors creates community and builds bridges to the wider world around us. Dance is an ideal modality for working in this way: there is a unity to be found in bodies moving in unison in the beat that meets that human need for connection, collaboration, co creation.


Lots of our dancers are city dwellers- living in places where being “shut down” in the streets with headsets in is often the norm to maintain the status quo. Much of the public rides transport systems such as the tube with earbuds in to cut out sounds around them, to remain untouched and aloft.

I’m curious about how we can turn this around and how headset technology can be used to build bridges. Session are facilitated with music and verbal instruction delivered through the headsets to encourage embodiment.


When we journey out of the city to dance together something marvellous happens, almost like magic…. During the sessions I watch people coming into their embodiment, enjoying themselves, coming alive, really starting to see each other and build bridges of connection.


I offer regular classes and teaching internationally at events and gatherings such as OneDanceTribe and Buddhafield Festival.


I have also received funding from Arts Council England and 5 Rhythms Reach Out to deliver intensive projects working in this way including a 3 month long dance based “rites of passage” programme: here I worked intensively with groups of young women to run a contemporary rite of passage to mark their transition into adulthood. Somatic awareness skills gained through dance are invaluable source of awareness as we transition into adulthood. Young people are presented with what can feel a pantheon of choices as the direction that they want to take going forwards. To develop the ability to listen to our internal somatic signals is paramount in making health decisions about intimacy and in cultivating good choices in relation to relationship, substances, life situations and the myriad of other options that emerge. The dance also teaches us how to manage our own physiological arousal, this somatic self awareness is invaluable in developing emotional intelligence.


The dancefloor is a place with permission- to be luscious, large, livid, vivid, vulnerable, voluptuous, direct, delicious, heartful, holy, hurting, healed and happy- or whatever else is moving through. It's a space to feel free, to see what is so, to shake it out, to settle into what is, to sweat it out and to soak up the sweetness of the sensate.


As well as being trained to teach the 5 Rhythms I'm also an artist, art therapist, accomplished dance producer, costumier and ceremonialist. I'm passionate about creativity for transformation and inspiration and as a way to connect with self and something greater than ourselves. My practice continues to be explore how can we use technology to wake us up to the fact that we are indeed connected to the wider world so we can build caring communities and foster connection.


I’m passionate about being explicit about how our somatic learnings translate back into real life, how we can apply what we have learned in the dance and take that growth off the dance floor -and bring it back into our day to day lives for personal and social change.


For more info on my passion for working in this way please see the writings section."

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