Tess will be speaking on "Coming to our Senses: Dancing Outdoors as a Tool for Transformation" on Friday 23rd October noon PST / 8pm UK time; plus taking part in a panel on Art as Alchemy on Sunday 18th at 2pm PST/10pm UK. Get your free place here

Dance outdoors on a beautiful beach using silent-disco headsets- small group (10 max) stunning scenery, sumpotous sunsets. Mindful moves, masked and distanced dancing. Thursday nights through out summer & fall.

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Wild Moves is a series of outdoor mindful movement events where people dance in nature out in areas of outstanding natural beauty such as down on the sea shore, or out in the forest. We use "silent disco" style headsets to deliver our in-person outdoor dance experiences; the sessions are gently guided through the headsets, letting us find the freedom of moving together in areas of wild nature- with no nasty noise pollution to the surrounding environment. We offer outdoor yoga "wild wisdom walks" on San Francisco's beautiful beaches, and a summer outdoor dance series in Brighton UK every year.

We also offer regular online-based trainings in moving in nature accessible from wherever you are; plus online courses, guided meditations and free dance playlists.

Wild Moves events are facilitated by dance artist and accredited 5 Rhythms teacher, Spirit-rock trained moving meditation guide, writer and international dance producer Tess Howell, whom has been running these highly popular events world-wide since 2012.

Tess leads these events with warmth, vitality, humour and depth; skillfully using the dance to guide us back towards what matters most in life.

Tess also runs a movement based contemporary rites of passage programme and in 2021 will offer online version of the programme, which explores how creativity, community and connection can make our lives more meaningful.

Tess is now in the San Francisco area since early 2019 and is now offering regular events in the Marin/Bay area as well as her usual event series in Brighton UK.

For more info on Tess'work as a dance producer, coach and mentor please click here.

We actively seek to create a diverse community of dancers. We value and welcome diversity of racial and cultural identity and background, nationality, sexual and affectional orientation, gender identity and its expression, religious background and/or belief systems, marital status, family structure, age, mental and physical health and ability, educational and class status.

“Owning up to being an animal, a creature of earth. Tuning our animal senses to the sensible terrain: blending our skin with the rain-rippled surface of rivers, mingling our ears with the thunder and the thrumming of frogs, and our eyes with the molten sky. Feeling the polyrhythmic pulse of this place—this huge windswept body of water and stone. This vexed being in whose flesh we’re entangled. Becoming earth. Becoming animal. Becoming, in this manner, fully human.”

-David Abram,


We offer our live outdoor events worldwide with year round sessions in San Francisco, USA and a popular summer series in Brighton UK each year.

Wild Moves events offer a free form dance practice, so all you need is the willingness to follow your own feet! There are no steps to learn and nothing to get right. No previous experience is necessary- you are warmly welcome to join exactly as you are.

We use the dance is a potent movement-based mindfulness practice. It’s a great way to enjoy ourselves, to exercise and to meditate- all in the same moment! Dancing in this way not only increase our physical agility and fitness; it also increases our authenticity, our emotional awarenes and our effectiveness in the wider world as we become more embodied. There is potency in being present; our dance practice supports us to keep coming back to being here, now.

When we dance outdoors we feel connected: to ourselves, to the others that come together to dance and to the wider world around us. Compassion and community grows. When we are outdoors our vision get wider, we relax and receive more, we becoming open to greater intuition and increased insight. There is no doubt that nature nurtures us. Be warmly welcomed.

San Fran events : Nov 21st and Dec 5th BOOK HERE

We look at the dance to impart the sensation of living in an affirmation of life, to energize the spectator into keener awareness of the vigor, the mystery, the humor, the variety, and the wonder of life."- Martha Graham


A 5 part deep-dive journey into the developing your own dance in nature practice, wherever in the world you are. Nature will so nurture us and dancing outdoors is such a great way to find our way back to joy amidst these tense times.

You will receive five pre-mixed musical journey to support you with setting up your own outdoor dance practice. Each session will contain a mixed musical journey and some intermittent spoken guidance to get you rockin’ it out and dancing deep under those wide open skies.

We will consciously cultivate presence and a sense of our own power especially amidst all of that we can’t control; we will learn tools to resource ourselves and build resilience. Now just $49 for the 5 sessions

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The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”  - W.B. Yeats

A detailed e-work book, complete with 3 embodied coaching videos to support you in skillfully and soulfully moving through at time of major life transition.

It contains a three part map to support you in finding your way forwards:

Part 1: Honouring what was- harvesting our history (Shedding)

Part 2: Being with what is- the power of presence (Stilling)
Part 3: Finding our way forwards- dreaming and daring (Shaping)

Each section will have 3 areas of focus: an in-depth reading to reflect on; an embodiment exercise to support you in finding new ways of being (delivered via youtube); and a selection of tasks to do to affect change in our outer lives.

This workbook will support you by tending to your inner experience as you move through these big outer shifts.

$4.99 fro teh PDF containing the video links. More info here or

the school of wisdom, wildness and wonder

"Follow the thread of intuition that moves towards delight. So many things to learn, things to learn from... Love is an art, like music, dance or painting pictures. It thrives on light and imagination and daring....The heart learns wisdom from a stone, a song, a blossom, a breeze..."

~ Rainer Maria Rilke

The School of Wisdom, Wildness and Wonder is a place where we can come together to consciously bring more aliveness into our lives. This Patreon site from Tess is a space to connect, to re-inspire, re-discover, to come into contact with that sense of being really alive, here-now, in touch with what matters most.

As Elisabeth Kübler-Ross death –doula writes:

“It is not the end of the physical body that should worry us. Rather, our concern must be to live while we're alive - to release our inner selves from the spiritual death that comes with living behind a facade designed to conform to external definitions of who and what we are.”

We must seek out what sustains our soul day to day. Life can get full and we get fraught! We must tend to our own dear wild and tender heart amidst all we care for and are cultivating. We must bring more life into our lives! Nominal notions of living are not nourishing enough for most of us to feel soul-satisfied. You are warmly welcomed to join the school on Patreon for inspiring writings, videos and exercises to bring more aliveness into your life. Click here for full info: https://www.patreon.com/wisdomandwonder

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Many of us remain a mystery to ourselves. Our inner landscapes can remain unchartered for decades until some great outer experience suddenly summons us to deeply question what it is that we really feel about it all. Personally I reckon that becoming intimate with the wild world within us is the most important journey that we can possibly take. I’m not talking intimacy as a sexual thing here (that’s a whole other article…) I’m talking about touching and being touched by life. I’m taking about knowing and being known by life- by that subtle sweet thing that animates us. I’m talking about coming into close contact with the somatic, subtle sense of our own body. I’m talking about being with the tender beauty of being with our breath, our body and the place in which we sit/stand/dance/meditate/move; as we stay with it all for a series of unfolding moments. I’m talking about the sweet serenity that comes with being soaked in the sensate. Think of when you’ve danced hard, or jogged or made love -and how at home within yourself you generally feel afterwards. There are so many landscapes within us that we can come into closer intimacy with. The terrains of the body’s inner experience. The fecund and flowering things within us; the tight buds that want to blossom. And the pockets of death and decay from the things we overlooked to tend to- they will need their honouring too. We may well need to consciously cultivate an intimacy practice with our own inner experience, invite ourselves in deeper. Take time to explore the wild places within us. #wildmoves #intimatewithlife #tender #touched #dancedeep #livewild #feelfully #embodiedonearth #embodied #naturenurtures #touch

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Dancing in the woods and wilds. Its how I make sense of the world. it’s my rock and roll refuge, my place to shed and shake - move mindfully through fear and frustration and come back to potency and presence. and it’s so serving me in these solo times when I can no longer teach as group gatherings are rightly gone for a little bit. So I’ve written a lovely little guide book on developing your own outdoor dance practice - supporting anyone whom wants to set up their own practice moving in/with nature, as a wonderful way of cultivating a sense of connection at this time of social isolation. (I’m a 5Rhythms teacher who has spent the past 8 years specialising in teaching the dance outdoors via silent disco technology in some stunningly beautiful forest/ocean spots.) Nature so nurtures us and dancing outdoors brings so much delight… Go on and give it a go! Sign up on the link in the biog and the e-book is auto-emailed to you, complete with free playlists for your garden/street/window use! Donations towards e-book/teachings very warmly welcomed at this time if you feel so moved- or it’s for free on sign up if needs be if times are treating you hard. May the practice and playlists serve you... Eco-embody and enjoy! #wildmoves #ecosomatics #embody #5rythms #danceinnature #consciousdance #ecstaticdance #somatic #dancedeep #danceoutdoors #natureismychurch #natureismytherapy #natureismedicine #movementmedicine #movemindfully #rocknroll #forestdance #dancealone #shelterinplace #thankyouforstayinghome www.wildmoves.org

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WATCH: Wild Moves at Conscious Dance Conference 2019