22nd December, Brighton UK
7th Dec/ 8th Feb & thru' 2020 San Fran. USA
10th May 2020 Brighton UK

Wild Moves is a series of outdoor mindful movement events where people gather together to dance outside in areas of outstanding natural beauty such as down on the sea shore, or out in the redwoods led by dance artist Tess Howell.

We use "silent disco" style headsets to deliver our outdoor dance experiences; the sessions are gently guided through the headsets, letting us find the freedom of moving together in areas of wild nature- with no nasty noise pollution to the surrounding environment.

Wild Moves events offer a free form dance practice, so all you need is the willingness to follow your own feet! There are no steps to learn and nothing to get right. No previous experience is necessary- you are warmly welcome to join exactly as you are.

We use the dance is a potent movement-based mindfulness practice. It’s a great way to enjoy ourselves, to exercise and to meditate- all in the same moment! Dancing in this way not only increase our physical agility and fitness; it also increases our authenticity, our emotional awarenes and our effectiveness in the wider world as we become more embodied. There is potency in being present; our dance practice supports us to keep coming back to being here, now.

When we dance outdoors we feel connected: to ourselves, to the others that come together to dance and to the wider world around us. Compassion and community grows. When we are outdoors our vision get wider, we relax and receive more, we becoming open to greater intuition and increased insight. There is no doubt that nature nurtures us.

We often forget that we are nature.

Nature is not something separate from us.

So when we say that we have lost our connection to nature

We’ve lost our connection to ourselves.

— Andy Goldsworthy

"Just as the ancients danced to call upon the spirits in nature, we too, can dance to find the spirits within ourselves that have long been buried and forgotten. "

-Anna Halprin

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A short video of some of the places that we dance in

Wild Moves events are facilitated by dance artist and accredited 5 Rhythms teacher, Spirit-rock trained moving meditation guide, writer and international dance producer Tess Howell, whom has been running these highly popular events world-wide since 2012.

Tess leads these events with warmth, vitality, humour and depth; skillfully using the dance to guide us back towards what matters most in life.

Tess also runs a movement based contemporary rites of passage programme and in 2020 will offer online version of the programme, which explores how creativity, community and connection can make our lives more meaningful.

Tess is now in the San Francisco area since early 2019 and is now offering regular events in the Marin/Bay area as well as her usual event series in Brighton UK.

For more info on Tess'work as a dance producer, coach and mentor please click here.

The School of Wisdom, Wildness and Wonder is a place where we can come together to consciously bring more aliveness into our lives. This Patreon site from Tess is a space to connect, to re-inspire, re-discover, to come into contact with that sense of being really alive, here-now, in touch with what matters most.

As Elisabeth Kübler-Ross death –doula writes:

“It is not the end of the physical body that should worry us. Rather, our concern must be to live while we're alive - to release our inner selves from the spiritual death that comes with living behind a facade designed to conform to external definitions of who and what we are.”

We must seek out what sustains our soul day to day. Life can get full and we get fraught! We must tend to our own dear wild and tender heart amidst all we care for and are cultivating. We must bring more life into our lives! Nominal notions of living are not nourishing enough for most of us to feel soul-satisfied. You are warmly welcomed to join the school on Patreon for inspiring writings, videos and exercises to bring more aliveness into your life. Click here for full info: https://www.patreon.com/wisdomandwonder

The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”  - W.B. Yeats

A detailed e-work book, complete with 3 embodied coaching videos to support you in skillfully and soulfully moving through at time of major life transition.

It contains a three part map to support you in finding your way forwards:

Part 1: Honouring what was- harvesting our history (Shedding)

Part 2: Being with what is- the power of presence (Stilling)
Part 3: Finding our way forwards- dreaming and daring (Shaping)

Each section will have 3 areas of focus: an in-depth reading to reflect on; an embodiment exercise to support you in finding new ways of being (delivered via youtube); and a selection of tasks to do to affect change in our outer lives.

This workbook will support you by tending to your inner experience as you move through these big outer shifts. More info here or

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We are a verb. A being in motion. We are a process not product. An unfinished Unfolding, unfurling, unleashing, undefinable moving moment. It would be an insult to water to try and solely define it as just one thing; for it is a Flowing, crashing, surging, stilling, fierce-frozen, softly snowing, sultry steaming- form changing and shape shifting substance. Surely we are the same. Not merely humdrum human, but the mystery in motion. I know for myself I change shape several times per day- even I myself never seem to know whom will turn up next . As Whitman would whisper: “ i am large, I continue multitudes... do I contradict myself? Very Well then- I contradict myself...” We are the breathing, masticating, bone-making, moving ones. Sometimes I’m daughter of darkness, sometimes bold and brilliant lines of light. All in motion. Energy moving. Expression. We are life living itself. May it find a smooth soft flow through us. It gets messy when we identify- “my anger, my grief, my happiness, my mind” Rumi’s guesthouse has lots of room for sweet soul-ful sanity by inviting them all in. We are actually not a noun- not a person, place or thing at all -more a veritable verb of unexplained existence. We are muscle memory and limbic legacies. Sure we have tendencies that we may need to trim or tend to over time. Yet when we let go we can let life course through us. In so many physical pursuits be it running, singing, making art, making love - it seems it always goes best when we let the currents of the thing course through us. Control is counter-productive; surrendering the driving seat to something greater than us seems to serve us. The great puppeteer is a skilful mistress/ maybe it doesn’t matter if we haven’t seen the script. In this unfolding play of life there precious little room for endless edits or pursuing the elusive still point of barely balanced perfection. May we know ourselves as nature. Fecund and fertile - a process of the world not a product of it #wildmoves #sierrasunset #beinginmotion more words at the school of wisdom and wonder -link in bio #letlifein #livingfully #danceinnature #thoreau #5rhythms #naturenurtures #quest #carpediem

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Nature so nurtures us. We need it (& right now it needs us too…) We are not some kind of crazy minded “Hominid Disconnectus” evolving into ever more disembodied misery! We are alive: here- now. It would serve us well to be present to the potentness inherent within that possibility! Yes indeed- indoor dancefloors can be amazing places- yet for me there’s nothing more potent than being #embodied within in the our natural environment. About 7 years ago I started facilitate outdoor #dance events. I knew that time after time my two great soothing salves in life were dancing and spending time in nature, and I got curious as to what magic might happen when we brought the two together. For many millennia humans danced out under the stars, earth underfoot- supported by the beat of the drum. Then a few hundred years back someone invent studio and all of sudden our dance had to happen within walls. Time to take it back outdoors methinks! “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately…& not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived…’ Thoreau Time after time I see people finish our woodland dance sessions filled with a sense of aliveness, eyes shining bright- like something inside their internal system has been polished up by their own presence. When we move away from the muttering mind we get to see what is right there in front of us. There is much in the world that is magnificent- from the roar of the ocean, right down to the tiny plants that grow through the sidewalk. We’re not separate from these things- we are a part of this world. There is big beauty even amidst all that it broken on the planet in these potent times. We are a part of it all. We belong here- standing under tall trees we may hear them whisper their wisdom on the wind – catching a moment of wonder. We are no less miraculous than the bloom of night jasmin, no less sweet than any kind of wild furry creature… I’d encourage you to get outdoors & dare to dance deeply so that you loose your sense of separate self- arriving right here- in the midst of your life, #visceral, vivid, #present to the potentness of it all. #wildmoves #5rhythmsinnature #movementmatters #danceoutdoors

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